What is Rouge University?

Rouge University started back in early 2015. The school was not public from the beginning. It was one of the only schools in Second Life that was private for 8 years. Fast forward to present time Rouge University will become public for the first time. We will also offer more classes and subjects then in the past.

What to do before signing up for classes?

Before getting too excited for sign up. Make sure you go through all the basic information that is required to read. Starting with the main page Rouge University. As you scroll down the page you will see the same subject names but under different levels. Basic is the lowest and recommended for all students regardless as their status. For the first time ever, a school will be offering Intermediate classes. This will help greatly in the student’s education and prepare better. Lastly, are the Advanced classes.

Advanced classes are NOT available for any student until they complete Basic and Intermediate classes. Must have ONE or TWO diplomas from Rouge University to be considered depending on if the subject offers Intermediate classes.

What are the price packages?

There is no one package fits all students. We designed a system that would help any student. Our payments packages can be viewed here.

What is the payment program?

The payment program is to help any student that wants education easier. You can view the full page here.

How to I sign up for classes?

Blog/Blogger Application | Business Application | Crew Development
Modeling Application | Photography Application

**Modeling Classes are full, but applicants can still sign up.**


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March 2022